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[The Amazing Smiley party Article]

    Hi cows (and in English I suddenly realised how much this name appears to be unfitted). Better late than never, a new article in the category "Life in Swansea", a bit special though, since this time it's not going to deal with a tale of Princess's Adventures in Abertawe but with my week end in Nottingham.
Instead of writing this, I should be reading my book about the killing factories in Chicago and the immigrants' hard life conditions, but I'm getting bored by the muckracker naturalism... So I'm doing something else (this is the only (pathetic) excuse I found not to work)

View of the city from the tramway quay. I love railways, so I chose to take this pic from this point of view :)

    So Camille and I were going to see our two friends in Nottingham, in the middle of England, 300km away from Swansea. To go there we had to take the train and had changings, but we each took a different one, so I dare say that it was a great deal of  stress for us. But I'm glad we did it, because it is a good experience that proves we are able to be completely on our own here, something that is not very axiomatic at first sight. What I really feared was to get blocked in a station in a town I didn't even know and to have none to call in that case. But thank you that did not happen!

The uni! Quite impressive huh? I like this, the old English style etc...

    I plainly realised how much I had missed my friends during this week end. I needed some congruence and I got it, which really makes me feel better, even now :) That was a real pleasure to meet them again, more enjoyable in that environment we tried to discover in these few days. Nottingham is a very big city (more than 2millions of inhabitants) so obviously we only saw a tiny little part of it during the week end. The weather was very cold, and I realised that we are lucky to be on the coast because we have relatively mild temperatures. What pleased me the most in the city scape was the red bricks houses that are so typical of that part of England (hey I'm a tourist I have tourist's reflections)

The city center was very lively, especially in this period of the year, everywhere we saw people runing to buy christmas presents etc...  But, for once, and I supposed it is due to my  tourist situation, I was almost pleased by all this agitation that usely gets on my nerves. For once I felt a little of the so called Christmas magic. (some egologists bent upon the problem and came to the conclusion that the congruence sphere tends to speed up the ice melting). We spend a very good week end, even if we could not visit evrything we planed to (especially Nottingham Castle) the Pizza Hut was a good consolation, even if our stomachs did not manage to Releeeeaaaaase the cheeeese.

I'm leaving you with some photos.

    I thought my week would be a horrible one, but actually, except from a monday not so good (figure out: wake up at 4am, waiting for a taxi that was waiting for me in another street ><, taking 3 different trains in the cold and dark morning, with only 2 hours of sleep in the baba, having left my friends and bearing in mind the perspective of a horrible week of work, walking down 50 minutes from  the station to home with 2 bags of a ton each under an icy rain, and the head in the ass... (Yeah, I have a gift for dramatization :).
But But But, finally, this week is going on perfectly well, with a very good news coming on monday, and 2 others on tuesday, a positive one concerning my couple life and the other the bigest nose in Pau (hahaha!!), and a good mark today that I didn't expected at all, feeling that I had laid a very big and smelly shit for my American Studies essay but I had the very surprising surprise to discover that it seems that it was not that bad or, at least, that the teachers' capacity of admiration was very developped here for I had a very nice and encouraging commentary on this essay. And of course! last but not least, the better thing's to come: another congruente coming up for this week end !!
I can't tell you what we are going to do because this is a surprise and I don't want her to find out what the program's going to be! But it'll be cool and I'll write an article about it.
I'm taking advantage of this category to talk a little about my life as it's been a long time since I last did it, letting my "autobiography" category rotting in decay. It is also a very good exercise for me to write it in English, I'm only translated it from English into French and not on the other way round :p.

            I'm now confronted to the case that I don't know how to finish my article on something intelligent to say... Well, as usual you'd say, except from the fact that usually, I may not manage to do so, but at least I'm trying :D
Let's shut up and watch me goign away in a typical English taxi, the perfect farewell pic :x


By princessvalium


Par PetrifiedEyes le Jeudi 29 novembre 2007 à 11:45
C'est marrant comme toutes les photos rassemblent tous les clichés qu'on peut avoir de l'Angleterre :D

It's funny how the pictures bring together all the clichés we can have about England D:
Par princessvalium le Jeudi 29 novembre 2007 à 11:50
oui, c'est volontaire, pis, j'ai fait ma touriste hein :p Par contre, j'ai oublié la cabine rouge!! Honte a moi!!!! je suis une mauvaise touriste! :D (pourquoi mais pourquoi as tu mis ce commentaire en bilingue je me sens obligée de faire pareille maintenant, les fautes en plus?! :)
yep, it's willingful, and I was a tourist, I act the same :p On the other hand, I forgot the red phone box!! shame on me!!!! I'm a bad tourist :D (why, but why did you comment in both languages I now feel forced to do the same, mistakes in addition?! :)
Par PetrifiedEyes le Vendredi 30 novembre 2007 à 8:31
Hahaha !

Hahaha !
Par hall-of-sephiroth le Vendredi 30 novembre 2007 à 23:31
Ca a l'air joli nottingham, dans le genre "prettiness" anglaise

Nottingham looks pretty, in an english prettiness sort of way
Par invidia le Samedi 1er décembre 2007 à 0:40
vachement sympa les photos, j'aime bien celle du tram et la maison rouge, je comprends que t'es eu envie de la prendre, elle est super jolie (ça donne envie de s'inviter à l'intérieur pour voir comment c'est)
Par hall-of-sephiroth le Samedi 8 décembre 2007 à 4:49
invi you forgot la version anglaise

invi tu as oublié the english version
Par un-peu-de-lecture le Vendredi 25 janvier 2008 à 12:34
L'angleterre! waouah !

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